[rt-users] Customizing newest unowned tickets search with user-specific data?

Milt Epstein mepstein at illinois.edu
Mon Jun 23 12:52:12 EDT 2014


I'm trying to customize the "10 newest uowned tickets" search (the one
that appears on the main page by default, I believe).  I get to the
page to edit the predefined "Search - Unowned Tickets" search, and it
shows the logic for the search:

Owner = 'Nobody'
  Status = 'new'
  OR Status = 'open' )

I want to exclude tickets in a certain queue, which by itself is
pretty straightforward, just add:

AND Queue != 'somequeue'

But that's not quite what I want to do.  First, I should say that we
have groups organized per queue, so that for instance we have a group
'rt-somequeue' with access to the queue 'somequeue'.  What I really
want to do in the logic above, is exclude that queue unless the user
is in that corresponding group, something like:

  Queue != 'somequeue'
  OR <User in group 'rt-somequeue'> )

Is there a way to do this, either using the criteria listed on the
Query Builder page (which seems to be all ticket-related), or by
directly editing the search?


Milt Epstein
Applications Developer
Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
mepstein at illinois.edu

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