[rt-users] How to map a MySQL session ID to an user/IP

Francisco Amaro famaro at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 13:22:57 EDT 2014

Hello all,

Sorry if this was asked before, I've searched around but could not find

We have an older RT install, running 3.4.5 on Mysql 4.1.11.
Lately, there are some users running long queries (mainly some full content
searches) that bog down the machine. When that happens, we use mytop to see
the sessions and the SQL being run, but that lists a MySQL session ID, not
a particular user/IP.

We usually kill the offending session, but I would like to track down the
users, since sometimes they just keep doing it...

Is there any way we can map that particular MySQL session ID to an IP or an
RT user ?

Francisco Amaro
Email: famaro at gmail.com
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