[rt-users] Help with Unlabeled Buttons

Keith Creasy kcreasy at aph.org
Mon Jun 30 11:37:22 EDT 2014

Thanks Kevin.

You are correct. For example JAWS and NVDA screen readers don't seem to know how to speak the entity ↓ (down arrow). Now that I see what's actually happening I wonder if this should be fixed in the screen reader configuration. Interestingly JAWS doesn't speak any of the arrows but another screen reader (NVDA) speaks the right arrow but not the up or down arrows. Maybe those character entities can be just added to JAWS and/or NDVA.

We could also perhaps use WAI ARIA to fix it.


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On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 08:20:30PM +0000, Keith Creasy wrote:
> The buttons appear in several places but one example is the screen 
> where you modify the "content" of a "dashboard". The buttons to add a 
> search for example I think is a right-pointing arrow. There are also 
> up and down arrows that I believe move the item higher or lower on the 
> view. This isn't the only place but maybe that helps you pinpoint what 
> we need to change.


That widget is used in a number of places, so may fix several spots in the UI.  I assume the problem is that we're using an HTML entity which the reader doesn't know how to deal with?


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