[rt-users] New UX for RT: REST 2.0, json, and what?

akos.torok at docca.hu akos.torok at docca.hu
Thu Mar 6 11:21:45 EST 2014

Hi All,

This is some kind of request for comment. Please, feel free to give us
advice, support, ideas. If you have similar effort, if you know any
solution that makes this problems causeless, let us know please!



You can find this (and comment and contribure) here:

Goal in terms of real life:
Keep RT alive as a competitive system in 2014.
We like RT, we have a lot of competency related to RT, but our clients
require such UX as FBook, gmail, etc. They want

Goal in terms of development:
We are going to develope a brand new user interface - in v1.0 just for the
most popular pages. Our goals are:
- server side: let us use RT as a stable, secure, safe, functuon rich
server side system,
- user side: "click as few as it possible", few page reload, simple,
towards to single page app.

User functions
We are going to create a limited functionality in v1.0:
- login
- Dashboards (including: home page)
- One page Display.html: that means Display.html is combined with
Update.htm and all the standard and custom fields user actions. User can do
all the actions on the same web page without navigation away: user can see
the history, add comment, edit fields. No transaction CFs supported in the
- Results (new ajax grid, table). I mean: user can filter, sort the rows,
and maybe edit the results list's fields. Without clicking away from the
- Create new ticket

Architecture overview:
Our architecture vision is so simple:
RT <-> REST v2.0 <-> JSON <-> client's browser

REST v2.0
We are going to extend the REST API. We create new functions and replace
the old ones, since we are going to use JSON.

In client's browser
We have no idea which framework or solution is the best, we never used any
of them. Every help is appreciated.

Thanks for any comment!
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