[rt-users] Tackling the undisclosed-recipients To: header for AdminCcs

Guido Passet g.passet at siel.nl
Fri Mar 7 15:50:35 EST 2014

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately for me I have 
not been able to entirely resolve the issue just yet but the problem 
appears to be outside of RT.

On 03/04/2014 08:35 PM, Kevin Falcone wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 02, 2014 at 04:01:42PM +0100, Guido Passet wrote:
>> For almost a week now I have been trying to correctly configure the
>> "To:" header for emails being send to AdminCcs.
>> email but the email has a strange "To:" header. Depending on my
>> configuration I either get:
>>    "Owner,AdminCc of MyName Ticket #51":;
>> or:
>>    "undisclosed-reciepents:;"
> The former is using the default FriendlyToLineFormat and
> UseFriendlyToLine .
> The latter is what happens when the To: line is left blank, as in the
> case of notifying AdminCcs.  This then leaves it to your MTA to choose
> what header to provide (many, such as older versions of postfix
> explicitly provide what you see).
>      To: undisclosed-recipients:;
> http://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html#undisclosed_recipients_header

I have tested all variations of the aforementioned configuration options 
on recent postfix setups. Either with the default 
undisclosed_recipients_header setting or defining it explicitly as empty.

The best setup I could get to was an empty "To:" option in the 
mail-client of preference. Which, this week seems to be Thunderbird.

>> instead of the queue-emailaddress. This makes replying to tickets
>> from email rather annoying as the AdminCc receiving the email needs
>> to correct the address he is replying to.
> RT sets a Reply-To: automatically.  Their mail client should be using
> that.  What mail client are you using which is ignoring that?

The Reply-To: field is picked up perfectly. The issue appears with To: 
or the missing To:.. This instance of Thunderbird 24.x seems to have 
some trouble dealing with this.. Interestingly a cross-check with a 
webmail or mutt client reveals that things work perfectly fine. The 
culprit seems to be with Thunderbird..

>> I have tried tinkering with UseFriendlyToLine and
>> FriendlyToLineFormat but to no avail. Trying to use the
>> FriendlyToLineFormat seems illogical as its arguments seem to be
>> WatcherType and TicketId..
> I'm not sure why those are illogical.  It lets you write a custom To
> line which says "This mail was sent to the Owners and AdminCcs of
> ticket 51" which some users appreciate (As long as sendmail isn't
> involved).

I never thought of it or used it like this before. Makes sense now. Tnx.

> I've been hitting reply to admincc emails from RT for more than a
> decade which have undisclosed-recipients:; in the To: header without
> an issue.

Same here (though almost a decade now).. its why I could not believe my 
RT test setup would behave so strangely in a default install.

Thanks again for the pointers. It seems i am able to progress now.

Best regards,

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