[rt-users] rt-serializer and rt-importer

Tim Gustafson tjg at ucsc.edu
Tue Mar 11 11:51:26 EDT 2014

And one last follow-up about this: here are my import statistics.  The
importer used up to about 800MB of RAM, so better than the serializer,
but still pretty high.  Also, 108 hours seems like a long time to
import records that took only 4 hours to export, and this is on a
pretty high-end MySQL server.  Is there any way to speed things up a

       Elapsed time: 108hr 36min
     Estimated left: 1min 39s
========== Import of soe.ucsc.edu ==========

Total object counts:
 1002724 RT::Transaction
  665796 RT::Attachment
  257742 RT::Group
  182469 RT::GroupMember
   62315 RT::Ticket
    8996 RT::Attribute
    8316 RT::User
    4324 RT::Link
     988 RT::ObjectCustomFieldValue
     312 RT::CustomFieldValue
      37 RT::Queue
      30 RT::ObjectCustomField
      30 RT::CustomField


Tim Gustafson
tjg at ucsc.edu
Baskin Engineering, Room 313A

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