[rt-users] Mailgate doesnt generate tickets after Upgrade

ms at fv-berlin.de ms at fv-berlin.de
Tue May 6 08:34:32 EDT 2014


I just updated an old 3.8.4 RT to 4.2.3 and from what I can tell the
actual RT system works fine, fulltext search is up and running... but
the mailgate seems to unable to create tickets. heres the
apache2/error.log section:

[warning]: Use of uninitialized value $domain in pattern match (m//) at
/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Group.pm line 659.

[error]: Couldn't create a role group of type 'AdminCc' for RT::Ticket
1: Gruppe konnte nicht erstellt werden

[critical]: Couldn't create ticket groups for ticket 1. aborting Ticket
creation. (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Ticket.pm:433)

[crit]: Ticket creation failed: test2: Anfrage konnte aufgrund eines
internen Fehlers nicht angelegt werden

[error]: Could not record email: Ticket creation From: "[redacted]"
<user at example.com[redacted]> failed: Anfrage konnte aufgrund eines
internen Fehlers nicht angelegt werden

[warning]: DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  duplicate key value
violates unique constraint "principals_pkey"
DETAIL:  Key (id)=(3) already exists. at
/usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Handle.pm line 589.

[warning]: RT::Handle=HASH(0x7dacfb0) couldn't execute the query 'INSERT
INTO Principals (ObjectId, PrincipalType) VALUES (?, ?)' at
/usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Handle.pm line 602.

"INSERT INTO Principals (ObjectId, PrincipalType) VALUES (?, ?)", 0,
"Group") called at
/usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Handle.pm line 352

To me this looks like the mailgate tries to create tickets with IDs
starting from 1 instead of using an unused ID and subsequently
everything else associated to this ticket creation (Role/Group creation)
fails too, but maybe I am looking at this the wrong way. In any case,
feedback is greatly appreciated.

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