[rt-users] Renaming lifecycles possible?

Rinke Colen rcolen at experty.com
Wed May 7 08:51:53 EDT 2014

I'm having trouble renaming a lifecycle. I had a lifecycle in use
called 'indident_mgmt' and I want to rename it to 'incident
management'. In RT_SiteConfig.pm I canged the following:

> Set(%Lifecycles,
>     indident_mgmt => {
>         initial => [ 'new' ],


> Set(%Lifecycles,
>     'incident management' => {
>         initial => [ 'new' ],

After saving the file, I log in as root and open the create new queue
form. To my surprise the lifecycle dropdown still shows
'incident_mgmt' and doesn't show 'incident management'. I didn't
change the lifecycle of the only queue that used 'incident_mgmt' to
e.g. 'default' before renaming 'incident_mgmt'.

I tried to find existing topics in the mailing list and elsewhere by
using the queries 'rename lifecycle' and 'renaming lifecycle' among
others, but to no avail. Probably I missed something or couldn't come
up with the right keywords.

My questions are:

1. Is it possible to rename a lifecycle? And if so, how?
2. Is it possible to label a lifecycle? (setting the name you see in
the dropdown on the create queue form)
3. Out of interest: why do I see the behavior I described?

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