[rt-users] ticket content not displaying via RT's web 'Search' but shows up with sphinx's 'search' binary

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Tue May 13 23:34:12 EDT 2014

On 05/13/2014 07:30 PM, digorgonzola wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response!
> Glad to have some assistance on this as I certainly don't have the advanced
> skills required to debug this stuff.
> Followed your instructions and got the following result:
> <http://requesttracker.8502.n7.nabble.com/file/n57365/rt_query.png> 
> I guess this means that it is using the magic sphinx index? Any clues as to
> where to look next?

Please show both the TicketSQL and the SQL that produced that.
 - Alex

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