[rt-users] CF with auto-completion of usernames

Lieven Bridts Lieven.Bridts at ocmwpuurs.be
Wed May 14 05:23:33 EDT 2014

Hello group,

I would like to use some more Custom Fields, mainly in the 'assets'-section.
One of these fields should contain an username, similar to the fields 'held-by' and 'contact'
The creation of the Custom Field is not a major problem.

But how can I make it looking up its possible values for auto-completion between the RT-users?

It would be totally the max if this new field would integrate with the "add a person" dropdown: a third choice next to "held-by" and "contact". But that is not necessary.

It should be possible to add multiple persons/values (not similar to the 'owner'-field which can hold only one value)

Best regards,
Lieven Bridts
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