[rt-users] Identification of a constant running query

Joe Kirby kirby at umbc.edu
Thu May 15 14:06:05 EDT 2014

The following query runs an average of 20,000 times per hour.

We are unable to determine if this is Quick Search or some other report written that is being refreshed forever.

Any ideas?



SELECT main.*
  FROM Users main
  JOIN Principals Principals_1
  ON ( Principals_1.id = main.id )
  JOIN CachedGroupMembers CachedGroupMembers_2
  ON ( CachedGroupMembers_2.MemberId     = Principals_1.id )
  WHERE (Principals_1.Disabled           = '0')
  AND (CachedGroupMembers_2.GroupId      = '919190')
  AND (CachedGroupMembers_2.Disabled     = '0')
  AND (lower(Principals_1.PrincipalType) = 'user')
  ) distinctquery,
  Users main
WHERE (main.id = distinctquery.id)
ORDER BY main.Name ASC

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