[rt-users] Help Resolving Incorrect Ticket Merging

Sean Snell snellsg at neopcs.net
Fri May 16 17:08:03 EDT 2014

Hello everyone,
First of all, yes, I'm totally aware of the big glaring warning that
clearly states "Warning: merging is a non-reversible action! Enter a single
ticket number to be merged into." And yes, I'm about to go overboard on
very explicit security permissions for my guys.

However, I'm now facing a stupid situation all thanks to an intern who
thought he'd problem solve himself, and he accidentally merged a sub-ticket
of an ongoing case that is completely unrelated to what he was trying to
do. Now, I have a simple ticket that was *supposed* to be a purchasing
request, and now he's managed to merge the data in error. How can I sort
this issue out, even if I have to do it by hand? I have SQL experience (my
backend DB), so I'm not afraid from that respect, but since I'm still
fairly newish to RT, so I hesitate at just hunting via SQL queries and
trying to update the info without guidance.

*Side thought: Why are there so many non-reversible actions in RT? Another
example are ticket comments, which now at this point have a ton of awful
typo's, but we're forced to "roll with it" because there's no way to
correct the typo*.

Thanks for the help, and sorry if I sound a bit heated at the moment.

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