[rt-users] Problem sending email from Reply

"Tamás, Szép" tamas.szep at govcert.hu
Tue May 20 05:39:05 EDT 2014

> Don't ugprade from version to version.
> Copy the database to a new system.  Install RT 4.0.20 and follow all
> the upgrading steps.  Then install RTIR 3.0.2 and follow those
> upgrading steps.  You will need to have some downtime obviously, but
> you cannot know how much downtime without running through the
> migration.

That is really good news! We will do the upgrade this way in the near
future. Thank you for that info.

> Sending mail to the correspondent on reply or on investigation
> creation are standard features of RTIR.  That they are not working
> implies a misconfiguration or error in your install.

I thought so. I hope that a clean install (mentioned above) will resolve

> RT thinks that problem_sender at acme.com isn't a valid email recipient.
> Please show the Correspondents page for ticket 53 and the user page
> for that user to confirm they are set up properly.

The Correspondents page shows that the correspondent is me (???) as a
user. Remember, I was logged in as root, not as Tamas Szep. Next to my
name is: '(no email address)' Hmmm...

Owner: GovCERT-Hungary
Correspondents: Tamás Szép (no email address)
Admin CC: Group: DutyTeam EDUNET

I don' know why the Admin CC is EDUNET when I selected GOVNET by the way.

> Additionally, you should not make the RTIR email address the AdminCc
> of the IR queue.  This is causing RT to send mail to itself which has
> to be detected as a bounce loop and dropped.

Where can I change that?

Tamas Szep

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