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Kevin Curtis Kevin.Curtis at farsite.com
Fri May 30 06:57:22 EDT 2014

    I have searched hard for the answer to this one, but there seems to be some confusion.  I am hoping that someone can provide some definitive answers.

We have RT version 4.2.1 installed on Ubuntu 12.04.  The main mailbox is on a Windows Exchange server, and we use fetchmail to get the mail every minute or so.  Mail sent by RT goes through sendmail.

We use RT as a Ticket handling tool for customer problems.  Our inhouse support staff use Office Outlook version 12.  The email client composes html formatted email.

We have found that whenever RT receives an email that contains an inline image (internally or externally), any emails that get sent out by RT (for example to the CC list or the requestor or the owner) the email that gets sent out has the text/html section stripped of any html formatting and the text is encased in a <pre> .. </pre> block.
There is not an image either.

The email can be viewed in the Web GUI as it was sent by the originator.  The reformatting is performed by RT when generating the outgoing mail.

If the email had contained a url to an image instead of an embedded image, then all seems to work fine.  In this case the outgoing emails are not converted to plain text in a text/html wrapper.

So my questions are as follows:

1)      Is there any documentation anywhere about the limitations of using the email interface?

2)      Should the email with an embedded image in it have not had the html formatting stripped out?

3)      Have I misconfigured something?

The questions
Thanks in Advance

Kevin Curtis
Farsite Communications.

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