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Beachey, Kendric Kendric.Beachey at garmin.com
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Could you use a separate queue for each client company?

Then have a group for each client company, and each group has the rights needed to work with tickets only on their queue.  Each person at the client company who wants to hear about new issues can be made a queue watcher.

And Sam is a member of all the groups.  (Maybe also a member of another group that has elevated rights if needed.)

It works pretty well at my installation, with different departments within the same company.
Kendric Beachey

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Hi all:

     I have a pretty basic RT installation for a customer-facing ticketing system and I ran across something I can't find a solution for.

     The customer is normally one person who does all the ticketing. But in some cases there were five or more people. Most of them were "notification only" meaning they never actually open tickets, they just want to be notified about them. To accomplish this, I set up a series of groups called "TEAM_CustomerCode" and added all the ticket requestors to that group. That way when Joe at CompanyX opens a ticket, he, his teammates and his boss all get emails.

     The problem I ran into with this is that several customers have hired the same consultant, Sam. Because of this, Sam is a member of three groups for three different customers. And when Sam opens a ticket that was for Company One, everyone in all three customers get emails because I use the groups a person belongs to to build the notification list. There isnt any other way I can see to do it because we dumbed down the ticket creation process with a non-RT form with a series of dropdowns. I can't just add in another dropdown with "What company is this for" because many of my customers would have trouble figuring that out and would just call in, which kills my cost savings.

     Obviously this isn't workable. I had requested Sam to get three different email addresses and deal with it that way but he is either unwilling or unable.

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