[rt-users] Migrations from ZenDesk

Parish, Brent bparish at cognex.com
Tue Oct 21 16:57:20 EDT 2014


I posted the importer I wrote/used to import from 2 systems (one csv/xls and the other direct db) here:

It’s a pretty simplistic script, take it for what it’s worth!  (usual disclaimers apply)
Obviously much depends on hardware, custom fields, etc but we imported about 11,000 tickets in 90 min or so.

Hopefully someone has something a bit more robust/adaptable/tricky, but if nothing else, it may give you a starting point to roll your own.

Whatever you end up with, I strongly recommend having a (highly) disposable dev/test environment to run the importers in!
We ran ours countless times as we twiddled, fiddled, and adjusted things.

-          Brent

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Has anyone every imported a csv from Zendesk?  We're migrating our company from Zendesk and don't want to lose that data.  I've seen some on the zendesk export but not really the importing.

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