[rt-users] Assets for RT (RT::Extension:Assets) - Help with perl script

Carl van Litsenborgh Carl.vanLitsenborgh at za.saabgroup.com
Fri Apr 10 07:06:49 EDT 2015

I have a standard installation of RT4 with the extension RT::Extension:Assets added.

I wrote a perl script (based on the many examples on the RT WIKI contributions pages) to scan through all open tickets reporting (in HTML) certain key performance indicators for me.

I would like to extend this perl script to ALSO scan through all "assets" in my RT database and to report on the content of a certain asset custom field (call it Asset_Status).

I have searched the mailing lists and internet for some guidance, but found none.

Can someone please help me (or guide me) with a perl code snippet showing the basics of how to loop (in perl API) through all assets in RT, and to extract the information (text field) of s specific custom field assigned to all assets to get me started.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

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