[rt-users] newbie rt admin question

Karres, Dean karres at illinois.edu
Tue Apr 14 12:20:19 EDT 2015

Yes and thanks to all who replied.  This was working all along but I was not thinking about it in the correct way.  I had confused myself with some other issues.

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On 10 Apr 2015, at 17:07, Karres, Dean wrote:

> I thought this was working...
> I am running rt 4.2.10
> I have a few queues setup.  I have the "SelfService" web interface 
> setup.  I can login as an Unprivileged user and create a ticket.  I 
> can send email and create a ticket.  I can not as the unPriv user, SEE 
> my created ticket in self service mode.
> Unprivileged users can only create tickets in one queue.  I have 
> granted "Everyone" all of the "General" rights on the main queue:
> *         Comment on tickets CommentOnTicket
> *         Create tickets CreateTicket
> *         Reply to tickets ReplyToTicket
> *         Sign up as a ticket Requestor or ticket or queue Cc Watch
> *         View custom field values SeeCustomField
> *         View queue SeeQueue
> *         View ticket summaries
> The wiki "Rights" article was not particularly helpful.  I must be 
> missing something trivial.  Clue please?

Unprivileged users are able to access tickets they have opened through SelfService as a result of granting Global Group Rights to the "Requestor" role: "Reply to tickets" (ReplyToTicket) and "View ticket summaries" (ShowTicket).  You probably want to grant those to the "Cc" 
role as well.

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