[rt-users] Optimization for Outlook HTML

Christopher Gilmore c-gilmore at northwestern.edu
Wed Apr 29 11:17:34 EDT 2015


FYI, the css file only applies to the web view. The messaging is handled entirely via the templates.

Looking at your test message, it seems that you have a different style being invoked,  MsoPlainText. You should be able to find the style information by looking at the source code of the original message. You'll need to define that style instead of/in addition to MsoNormal.

Good luck!

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Hi, Christopher!
Thanks for the quick reply.
Put it after the blank line, but still no luck.
I've attached the example of email I'm getting as autoresponse.
My siteconfig option looks like:

Set( @CSSFiles, ('msfix.css') );

Probably I missed smth else :(

 29 апреля 2015 г., 17:42:40:

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