[rt-users] Error in Dashboard.

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Mon Aug 10 08:03:59 EDT 2015

Attached a script I use to find the users with the deleted dashboard in
their config.
Then go to Admin->Users, then goto "Dashboards in menu" on the users
page, mark the delete dashboard in the right select box (it will be a
line without a name) and then hit Delete.


Am 23.07.2015 um 16:24 schrieb Bryon Baker:
> Thanks for the response Chris.
> I look at the open ticket but they do not mention a work around.
> Do you know of a work around to fix the issue?
> Thanks
> Bryon Baker
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> Am 22.07.2015 um 17:25 schrieb Bryon Baker:
>> Another error from same dashboard.
>> Failed to load dashboard 757: Failed to load dashboard 757: Couldn't 
>> find row (/opt/rt4/share/html/Elements/Tabs:471)
> You hit this bug:
> https://issues.bestpractical.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=29719
> Chris

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#!/usr/bin/env perl

use 5.10.1;
use strict;
use warnings;

### after: use lib qw(@RT_LIB_PATH@);
use lib qw(/opt/rt4/local/lib /opt/rt4/lib);

my %opts;
use Getopt::Long;
GetOptions( \%opts,

use RT;
RT->Config->Set(LogToSTDERR => 'warning');

$| = 1;

use RT::Interface::CLI;
RT::Interface::CLI->ShowHelp if $opts{help} or not $opts{id};

my $Users = RT::Users->new(RT->SystemUser);

while (my $User = $Users->Next) {
    my $dashboard_pref = $User->Preferences('DashboardsInMenu');
    next unless $dashboard_pref;

    my $dashboards = $dashboard_pref->{dashboards} || [];

    next unless grep { $opts{id} == $_  } @$dashboards;

    printf "User %s has Dashboard %d in DashboardsInMenu Preference!\n",

=head1 NAME

rt-find-dashboardsinmenu - find users with a dashboard in DashboardsInMenu


rt-find-dashboardsinmenu [options]


Find users with an given dashboard id in their DashboardsInMenu preference.

=head1 OPTIONS

This script supports a few options.


=item B<-h>, B<--help>

Display this documentation

=item B<--id>

The dashboard id to search for.


=head1 AUTHOR

Christian Loos <cloos at netcologne.de>


This software is Copyright (C) 2014-2015, NetCologne GmbH.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991

=head1 SEE ALSO


=item L<http://issues.bestpractical.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=29719>




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