[rt-users] Eliminating quoted text in email & web replies

Joseph D. Wagner joe at josephdwagner.info
Tue Aug 11 09:30:13 EDT 2015

I don't think the solution is to have Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc rewrite their MUA's.  I think the solution is a new feature to RT.

RT is already parsing and filtering quoted text on the website.  It should be only a moderate amount of development effort to do the same thing before sending out emails.

I would recommend contacting the developers about this as a new feature request.

Joseph Wagner

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Hi Josiah,
we have the same problem.

I don't think RT can do anything about this problem, as MUAs used several different ways to indicate quoted text.
The worst of all is Outlook, and in fact RT very often cannot correctly identify quoted text when coming from it.

So I have been thinking (since a long time) that there should be a way to tell MUAs not to quote. I don't know why nobody thought this before.
I am thinking about a new mail header that tells the MUA not to quote text when replying to a message.
This header could be used by all kinds of automated softwares that use email to communicate bi-directionally, like RT.

MUAs could then decide what to do: blindly obey the header or ask the user or use some pre-configured parameter or... any of a number of possibilities.

I was thinking about sending an RFC to request implementation of this new header, but finally I decided otherwise for a number of reasons.

First, sending an RFC seems a complicated issue. Second, I have very little time to understand how this is done and then to do it. Third, it would be a very slow process before the RFC is approved (*if* it is approved) and implemented by a good number of MUAs.

I am sharing these thought because maybe someone will find it a worthwhile idea and decide to go on and present an RFC to the IETF. Who knows?


On 10/08/2015 22:55, Josiah Philipsen wrote:
I have been trying to watch this ticket to see if someone has a solution, but there have not been any replies. Does anyone know how to remove the quoted text in an email sent to RT, so the tickets don't get as flooded. 


On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 6:08 PM, Subjected <subjected at subjectedtochange.com> wrote:
Is there any way to remove or delete quoted text in email replies or replies from the self-service web interface?

Whenever a user replies to a ticket notification, usually their email client quotes the original text. When the reply is received by RT and notifications sent to ticket owners, it includes the quoted text. This ends up making a real mess of replies and becomes difficult to see the new information.

I can see in the web interface how RT tries to hide the quoted text. This helps with the web interface and self-service, but email updates are still are polluted with unnecessary quoted text from previous replies.

We include this text in the top of our email templates:

"## For best results, when replying to this email, first DELETE the quoted message body before entering your reply ##"

But most users ignore those instructions.

Is there any way to force RT to delete any quoted text for an update from a prior RT email notification?

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