[rt-users] rt::extension::import::csv Configuration isseu

Barrett, Brian Brian_Barrett at URMC.Rochester.edu
Tue Aug 25 16:26:02 EDT 2015

I have the RT::extension::import::CSV working but having a problem with importing in the field "Held By". Getting the  error:
[warning]: Unknown asset field Held By for column Assigned User, skipping (/opt/rt/local/plugins/RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV/lib/RT/Extension/Assets/Import/CSV.pm:66)

Below is my configuration in the RT_SiteConfig.pm

Set( $AssetsImportUniqueCF, 'Serial Number' );
Set( %AssetsImportFieldMapping,
        'Name'                                          => 'System Name',
        'Catalog'                                       => \'Neuro Hardware',
        'Owner'                                         => \'Neurology',
        'Held By'                                       => 'Assigned User',
        'Contact'                                      => \'NeurologyIT at URMC.Rochester.edu',
        'CF.Manufacturer'                   => 'Make',
        'CF.Model'                                  => 'Model',
        'CF.Neuro IT SN #'                    => 'Neuro IT Tag',
        'CF.Serial Number'                   => 'Serial Number',
        'CF.OS'                                          => 'OS',
        'CF.Location'                                => 'Location',
        'CF.Division'                                 => 'Division',
        'CF.Asset Tag'                            => 'Asset Tag',
        'CF.Notes'                                   => 'Notes',
Wondering how I can define the Held By name so it is recognized  /rt-assets-import-csv?
B Barrett
University of Rochester Medical Center
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