[rt-users] Including latest transactions in RSS-Feed

Markus.Wildbolz at eu.magna.com Markus.Wildbolz at eu.magna.com
Thu Aug 27 10:27:55 EDT 2015

Hi guys!

I've managed, to play a little bit with the RSS-feed generation at 

But at the moment I'm stuck at fetching the latest transaction with type 
"Correspond" or "Comment" from the database for displaying the right 
Is anybody out there who could help me with this?

My current code looks like:

while ( my $Ticket = $Tickets->Next()) {
        my $transactions = RT::Transactions->new($session{CurrentUser});
        # Limit to transactions with type "Comment"
                FIELD => 'Type',
                VALUE => 'Comment'
        my $content = $transactions->Last->Content;


I get the following error in the logs:
 Can't call method "Content" on an undefined value at 

I don't know actually, why the variable $transactions has an undefined 

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