[rt-users] scrip to delete a Cc adress in a ticket

Loïc Cadoret lcadoret at keyyo.com
Mon Aug 31 11:24:51 EDT 2015

Hi RT user followers !

I need your help on my scrip creation.

Here is my need :

I would like to delete a Cc address if this address is the same that the 
RT queue response mail address.

We are running RT 3.8.11 (update to RT 4.2.x is currently not an option)

I need that because the email domain given to a customer to create a 
ticket is different from the one set in RT. We made a forward from this 
email address to RT one but when a mail is sent and the ticket created, 
RT add the email as Cc of the ticket.

Thanks very much for your help.

Loic Cadoret
IT Technician

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