[rt-users] Updating Ticket Status via PostgreSQL

Aaron W. Swenson aaron at grandmasfridge.org
Tue Dec 1 15:33:21 EST 2015

I'm sure this has been answered by someone somewhere, but my Google-fu 
is not helping me.

I have a few hundred tickets in a production system that I want to 
change the status with some criteria a bit more sophisticated than RT 
(4.2.12) is allowing me to do.

The SQL I want to issue is:

     UPDATE tickets
        SET status = 'noresponse'
      WHERE status = 'open' AND told < '2015-11-01'
        AND told > lastupdated;

The last condition is the one I can't enter in RT.

Effectively, update the status of all tickets that are still open to 
"noresponse", where the last update was us sending the requester an 

Is this safe? Is there something else I should be updating as well?

Thank you in advance.

- Aaron

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