[rt-users] "rt-fulltext-indexer is already running" problem on solaris (flock)

Daniel Schwager Daniel.Schwager at dtnet.de
Wed Dec 2 15:54:51 EST 2015

Hi everybody,

we setup a new rt 4.2.12 system and tried to follow the instructions for 
the native mysql full text search [1], but I failed always with the following 

	/opt/rt4/sbin/rt-fulltext-indexer is already running; aborting silently, as requested (/opt/rt4/sbin/rt-fulltext-indexer:93)

The code [2] does not work for our solaris [3]. It's because perl at solaris handle 'flock' in an unusual way [5] (you can ask google...)

So, after unsuccessfully trying to fix solaris/perl, 
we patched rt-fulltext-indexer [4]. Now the fulltext search works fine.

Maybe somebody will help this information in the future.

best regards

[1] https://www.bestpractical.com/docs/rt/4.2.12/full_text_indexing.html#Native-MySQL
[2] rt-fulltext-indexer:91 
	if ( !flock main::DATA, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB ) {
[3] SunOS z-rt4app-a 5.11 11.2 sun4v sparc sun4v
[4] patch
	root at z-rt4app-a: # diff rt-fulltext-indexer.org.20151202 rt-fulltext-indexer
	< if ( !flock main::DATA, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB ) {
	> open SELF, "+> /tmp/rt-fulltext-indexer.lock" or die ;
	> unless (flock SELF,  LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB) {
	> #if ( !flock main::DATA, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB ) {

[5] 	http://www.perlmonks.org/bare/?node_id=256020 

best regards

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