[rt-users] Confused about --transaction flag for rt-crontool

Russell Jones russell at jonesmail.me
Wed Jul 1 16:31:50 EDT 2015

One further update,

I have found that the "From" name being sent via RT::Action::Notify is 
being set to whoever was the sender of the transaction that is being 
chosen via --transaction first/last. I can override the "From" name via 
the template, but I'm not sure this is the right thing to do. I feel 
like I am missing something configuration-wise with RT::Action::Notify.

On 7/1/2015 12:17 PM, Russell Jones wrote:
> I've found the --action-arg "AlwaysNotifyActor" setting, so that got 
> me past my issue with the "not sending to....due to NotifyActor 
> setting" message and everyone I would expect to get the notification 
> is now getting it.
> I am still unsure how rt-crontool interfaces with the --transaction 
> flags, nor why it matters, and if/why it matters in my use case. Any 
> help shedding light on how to properly "Do The Right Thing*®*" is 
> appreciated!
> On 7/1/2015 11:55 AM, Russell Jones wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am working on the proper syntax for using rt-crontool to send 
>> "reminder" emails to a requestor when a ticket's LastUpdated status 
>> is 14 days old. I've worked out the syntax but am having difficulty 
>> understanding how the --transaction flag comes into play. I have read 
>> the automating RT documents already.
>> If I don't use --transaction, I get an error about the Ticket->Id 
>> field in my template. If I do use --transaction the email sends out 
>> fine. But, if I use --transaction first it will skip over sending an 
>> email to the Requestor with the following message:
>>  not sending to <email>, creator of the transaction, due to 
>> NotifyActor setting
>> This leads me to believe that if a ticket gets sent in then just 
>> idles with nothing being done on it, the ticket creation transaction 
>> itself will be both the first and last transaction on the ticket, so 
>> the requestor will never get the "nag" email I am trying to send to 
>> them regardless of if I use --transaction first or --transaction last.
>> The syntax I am using for rt-crontool is:
>>     ./rt-crontool --verbose --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg
>>     "Id = '33'" --action RT::Action::Notify --action-arg All
>>     --template 'Idle Reminder' --transaction first
>> My nag email template I am using for testing is:
>>     Subject: AutoReply: {$Ticket->Subject}
>>     This is an idle reminder for ticket {$Ticket->id}
>> So, my questions are:
>> 1) What is the proper way of sending a nag email if this is not the 
>> right way?
>> 2) If this is the right way, how can I ensure the nag email will get 
>> sent to the requestor regardless of the NotifyActor setting?

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