[rt-users] Possible to manually initiate templates (emails) from within a scip action?

Todd Wade todd at bestpractical.com
Wed Jul 8 22:54:29 EDT 2015

What I would probably do for this is in the scrip action create a ticket 
in a different queue for each user with that condition. This will send 
them an autoreply. To make sure you don't send out duplicates you could 
check for a ticket in that queue with that requestor before creating the 

As for what the code would look like, I'd call $ticket->Create similar 
to how RT::Test::create_ticket does it.

On 7/8/15 11:57 AM, Subjected wrote:
> Is it possible for a scrip to trigger/send a template (email) from
> within the scrip action itself, with only a blank scrip assigned to the
> general scrip configuration?
> I'd like to loop through multiple requestors and cc's on a ticket to
> send each of them a unique, customized specially to each user, in
> response to a ticket transaction.
> I want to use this functionality to ensure that any user on a ticket
> without a password is sent a welcome email setting their password so
> they can use the self-service website.

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