[rt-users] Weird behavior behind a proxy

Bret Wortman bret at thewortmans.org
Tue Jul 14 12:48:13 EDT 2015

I've got a need to share a functioning rt instance behind a proxy, and for
the most part, everything is working fine.

But after actions taken through the proxy, the resulting URLs are always
pointing to the original host name, not the proxy.

On the proxy, we have the following:

ProxyPass   /rt/   http://rt.damascusgrp.com:80/rt/
ProxyPassReverse    /rt/    http://rt.damascusgrp.com:80/rt/

Our users can then access the system okay at
https://proxy.damascusgrp.com/rt/. But after they login, they're directed
to http://rt.damascusgrp.com/rt/. Likewise, after switching back to the
correct URL, after creating or updating a ticket, they are directed to

What have I missed? I'm by no stretch an expert at either RT or Apache
proxy configuration.


*Bret Wortman*
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