[rt-users] Custom field name font size

Phil McLachlan PhilM at Norfield.com
Fri Jul 24 11:10:29 EDT 2015

Thanks for your reply Matt :).

I have no programming experience (disclaimer) but am willing to jump in head first.  I setup 4.2 on a headless Ubuntu Server.  The change would be universal to all the custom fields so I don't think I would need to deal with ID's.  The font size for the custom field titles is extremely small and I would just like it to be bigger.

Are the files in the /Elements folder what control this stuff, or are you referring to Perl modules in Apache?

Please excuse my total lack of experience. 


Phil McLachlan
Norfield LLC

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On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 4:47 PM, Phil McLachlan <PhilM at norfield.com> wrote:
> I've searched and searched and can't figure out where or how to change 
> the font size of the custom field names.  Does anyone happen to know 
> how to do this?

Use CSS? ;)

This may or may not be a simple task depending on your circumstances.

You could:

Create a site specific module and put a CSS file there. Or you could go to the theme editor and make some changes.

The "id" of the CFs are going to cause headaches, so be aware of that if you need to use IDs.


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