[rt-users] Eliminating quoted text in email & web replies

Subjected subjected at subjectedtochange.com
Mon Jul 27 21:08:13 EDT 2015

Is there any way to remove or delete quoted text in email replies or 
replies from the self-service web interface?

Whenever a user replies to a ticket notification, usually their email 
client quotes the original text. When the reply is received by RT and 
notifications sent to ticket owners, it includes the quoted text. This 
ends up making a real mess of replies and becomes difficult to see the 
new information.

I can see in the web interface how RT tries to hide the quoted text. 
This helps with the web interface and self-service, but email updates 
are still are polluted with unnecessary quoted text from previous replies.

We include this text in the top of our email templates:

"## For best results, when replying to this email, first DELETE the 
quoted message body before entering your reply ##"

But most users ignore those instructions.

Is there any way to force RT to delete any quoted text for an update 
from a prior RT email notification?

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