[rt-users] Needing some advice on migration/upgrade plans

Josep Manel Andrés josep.andres at bsc.es
Thu Jul 30 04:36:27 EDT 2015

I've had problems with migrating from sles 11, to sles 12 or centos 7, 
which use MariaDB,but the problem was when upgrading the DDBB with the 
script provided, at some point it got stacked and filled up the disk 
with innoDB log data(I think it was, don't remember...) but with CentOS 
6.6 the script worked great.


On 30/07/15 10:23, Aaron Hockett wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have some upcoming work that in light of lack of specific
> documentation to my questions, I figured I would ask the list.
> First and foremost, I have a server migration planned in the next few
> weeks where we’ve moving off an old metal box to a VM.  We’re currently
> running RT ver. 4.0.9
> Moving from CentOS 4.3 w/
> MySQL 5.0.x
> Apache 2.0.x
> CentOS 6.6
> MariaDB 5.5
> Apache 2.2.15
> Both 64 bit.
> In all the reading the areas of which I need to migrate are:
> MySQL Database
> /opt/rt4/
> I’m now the 2^nd or 3^rd gen DevOPs person to touch this server so I
> can’t wait for things to go sideways… yeah.  That said, I’ve tried to
> keep up on the mailing lists but have there been any horror stories
> going from MySQL to MariaDB?  The first part of the migration is simply
> a 1-to-1 move where I am not upgrading the database nor the version.
> This will make sure everything is migrated properly and all the kinks
> (if any) are worked out prior to moving up to the latest release
> 4.2.11.  As for moving them, I’ve already got a script that provides me
> a MySQL dump and a TAR of the web directories so I should be set with that.
> The second part of my question;  To help better maintain the site, I am
> wanting a development box to test new features and add-ons once we get
> upgraded.  One of the things that I’m running into is the naming.  Right
> now our RT server is listed as: “rt.domain.com” and my development box I
> want to have “devrt.domain.com”  Is there / does anyone have a SED
> script to go in and change all the variables of “rt.domain.com” to
> “devrt.domain.com”?  If not, is there an easier way to have a version of
> your production database on another box and easily deal with a different
> DNS name for the server?
> Thank you for your time.
> =Aaron
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