[rt-users] problems with access permissions on a q

norman norbking at live.com
Fri Jul 31 16:55:46 EDT 2015

I'm trying to set up a new q and group of 3 users for a project that we 
are working on.
The users should get full general and staff rights to this q as well as 
create privileges on 2 other qs.
I have this mostly working except that the users have 2 much access to 
the 2 qs.
Here is the Permissions setup for the user that i'm working with.
User test belongs to group test.
On the incoming q which is the one i'm having problems with group test 
only has create ticket and see q rights under general and nothing else.
There are no rules assigned to this q.
However, user test can do anything in the incoming q they want too, 
including rejecting and reassigning tickets.

What am i missing?

System setup.
rt 4.0.19 running on debian 7 with mysql as the database and apache 2 as 
the web server.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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