[rt-users] Full-Text Search: RT-4.2.11 MySQL 5.6.25 vs MariaDB 10.0.19+Sphinx

Paul Hirose pthirose at ucdavis.edu
Wed Jun 10 15:47:27 EDT 2015

In short, trying to find the best mechanism for FTS, whether I can use MySQL 5.6.25 InnoDB, or MariaDB 10.0.19 + Sphinx on RHEL 7.

I'd prefer to use MySQL, since that seems to support FTS by itself.  Otherwise, I opt for MariaDB, simply because that has the Sphinx engine built-in to the RPM I can get (saving me the hassle of build-from-source) although I'd still have to separately maintain the actual Sphinx/searchd daemon package.

Also, when running rt-fulltext-indexer for MySQL the notes say it does 200 tickets at a time.  I take it the script remembers the last ticket it did, and continues where it left off?   Does running this place any locks on any tables/rows, or can it be run at any time?

And to be clear, for Sphinx, the rt-setup-fulltext-indexer & indexer rt is a one-time thing, and subsequent is simply indexer rt --rotate?  And similarly, running indexer rt --rotate can be done at any time even while RT is being used?

Oh, I do intend to "DontSearchFileATtachments = true", although we might try it undef for a while, and see.

Thank you,
Paul Hirose

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