[rt-users] Sorting of QuickSearch widget

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Sat May 2 10:39:24 EDT 2015

On 28-4-2015 10:22, Joop wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to change the sorting of QueueSummaryByLifecycle. Its
> currently sorted by Queue name (to me implicit) but I would like to
> change that to Description but I'm not having much success. I have
> changed other components and there it was a simple add of:
> $Queues->OrderBy( FIELD => 'Description',
>                   ORDER => 'ASC'); 
> But that doesn't seem to work in this component.
> Anybody who can help me with this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joop
Found the solution. Adding the above BEFORE the call to UnLimit will do
what I want BUT the call to ItemsArrayRef messes up the @queues because
it uses the implicit ordering available in that function. Adding a sort
fixes that.



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