[rt-users] Help with Scrip for child / dependent tickets

Jon Witts jwitts at queenmargarets.com
Fri May 8 10:03:28 EDT 2015

Hi there,

We are wanting to have a scrip run on our queues which will move a ticket back to the "open" state if all of its child and dependent tickets are closed (resolved, rejected or deleted).

I have found Ruslan's scrip which opens a ticket once all of its child tickets are closed here on the wiki: http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/OpenTicketOnAllMemberResolve which works great. However we have tried to edit this to work on depending / dependent tickets but cannot get it working. Here is the scrip, can anyone see what we are missing?


# end if setting this ticket to "resolved, deleted or rejected"
return 1 if ($self->TransactionObj->NewValue !~ /^(?:resolved|deleted|rejected)$/);

  # current ticket is a dependant of (Depended on by some parents)
  my $DependedOnBy = $self->TicketObj->DependedOnBy;
  while( my $l = $DependedOnBy->Next ) {
    # we can't check non local objects
    next unless( $l->TargetURI->IsLocal );
    # if dependant ticket is not in active state then scrip can skip it
    next unless( $l->TargetObj->Status =~ /^(?:new|open|stalled|pending|planning|holiday)$/ );
    # the dependant ticket has dependencies (current ticket is one of them)
    my $ds = $l->TargetObj->DependsOn();
    my $flag = 0;
    while( my $d = $ds->Next ) {
      next unless( $d->BaseURI->IsLocal );
      next unless( $d->BaseObj->Status =~ /^(?:new|open|stalled|pending|planning|holiday)$/ );
      $flag = 1;
    # shouldn't open dependant if some dependency is active
    next if( $flag );
    # All dependent tickets closed - open depending ticket
return 1;


Once we can get this scrip working we would ideally like a single scrip which will check all tickets on status change to see if it has a parent or depending ticket; and then if all child or dependent tickets for its parent are closed, to reopen the parent...

Any help greatly received!



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