[rt-users] How to change size of custom field?

Aaron McCormack aaron at backblaze.com
Thu May 14 17:41:43 EDT 2015

I've done something similar with CSS, that may work for you too if you find either the ID or the class of what you want to make larger. 

For example, I made the queue and search area larger in the New Ticket in the right of the top nav bar via:

#topactions select {width: 13em;}
#topactions input {width: 16em;}

You can add your own CSS in the Admin -> Theme page, but I instead added a custom CSS file as described at https://bestpractical.com/docs/rt/4.2/customizing/styling_rt.html 


> On May 14, 2015, at 1:11 PM, mlind at sosml.net wrote:
> I have two ‘Enter one value with autocompletion’ custom fields on my Ticket::Create page.  I need to increase the size of the field so the entire value can be seen clearly.
> This sounds so simple I’m probably missing something under my nose but none of the resources I’ve found has led me to a solution.
> Thanks for your assistance,
> Mike

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