[rt-users] Search for tickets a user has updated in a given time period

LAW Andy andy.law at roslin.ed.ac.uk
Fri May 15 05:58:04 EDT 2015

I may be missing something really obvious, but I can’t work out how to run a particular query.

I want to pull out a list of tickets that have been updated at some point in a given time period - usually the past two weeks but occasionally over a different period - by a specific user. The tickets may or may not be owned by that person and they may or may not be the last person to update that ticket. Basically, I’m looking for all activity in that time period.

I can see how to run the search for tickets that are *Last* updated by a particular user but not ones that have "been updated by”. Am I being stupid?

Can someone please point me in the right direction.

For info, we’re running 4.0.10 and could upgrade if the answer turns out to be "you can do this in the latest version”.

Thanks in advance.


Andy Law

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