[rt-users] mail solutions

ktm at rice.edu ktm at rice.edu
Tue May 26 14:57:01 EDT 2015

On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 06:18:34PM +0000, Terry O'Leary wrote:
> We have 14 different queues so using fetchmail to manage the email accounts is useful for us. But that is where the problem lies as well I think. Fetchmail doesn’t seem to be deleting the email from the inbox consistently. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have gone the route of working with the Network Engineering team to see if there were any configuration changes or updates to exchange that may have done but came up with nothing. The emails get to their respective inboxes, then fetchmail (I have running in a crontab every minute) executes to pick up and send any emails to RT mailgate.:
> Here is an example:
> poll imap.corp.test.com proto IMAP and port 143:
> # Team Queue
> username team                      password 123456 mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --url http://test --queue 'Team Requests' --action correspond"
> username team-comments password 123456 mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --url http://test --queue 'Team Requests' --action comment"
> I know this isn’t a fetchmail forum, but any input would be gladly taken.
> Thank You,
> Terry O'Leary

Hi Terry,

What kind of locking are you using to prevent simultaneous access to a folder
from multiple fetchmail instances? 1 minute granularity in your crontab may
allow that to happen, then the second instance would re-process the messages
already processed before they were deleted.


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