[rt-users] RT::Extension::LDAPImport and nested groups in Active Directory

Jeffrey Pilant jeffrey.pilant at bayer.com
Tue Nov 3 13:04:40 EST 2015

Benjamin Klier writes:
>I'm trying to import my users and groups from Active Directory. Getting 
>in the users works just fine, but importing the groups (with a 
>$LDAPGroupFilter like (|(CN=MY_RT_USERS_*)) ) is giving some errors.
>The problem seems to be that in our AD the main groups norally just 
>concatenate other subgroups so that they doesn't include users but just 
>other groups, for example
>   +
>   +-----> SOME_SUBGROUP
>   |       +
>   |       +----> USER_1
>   |       |
>   |       +----> USER_2
>   |       |
>   |       +----> USER_3
>   |
>           +
>           +----> USER_4
>           |
>           +----> USER_5
>           |
>           +----> ...
>Unfortunately it's not an option to rework our AD group structure :-(
>Crawling the rt-users archive didn't get me anywhat closer to find a 
>solution to that problem.
>I'm using RT::Extension::LDAPImport v0.36
>Maybe anyone has some experience with a configuration like that and 
>would be able to give me the missing hint :-)

Why flatten the AD structure?  You should be able to recreate it entirely with RT groups.

  Sub AddAGroup(SomeGroup)
  Obj = LDAP(SomeGroup)
  For each member in Obj:
    If member is a group then AddAGroup(member)
    RT->AddUserToGroup(Obj->Name, member)

This recursive algorithm should duplicate the AD layout below a node if you give it an AD node.

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