[rt-users] Owner Query - Custom

Matt Zagrabelny mzagrabe at d.umn.edu
Fri Nov 13 11:50:46 EST 2015

Hi Marcelo,

On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Marcelo Calado | TBS TAX Services
<mcalado at tbstaxservices.com> wrote:
> Thanks Matt!
> I've been working on it, But I have no idea how to set up this!
> I would like to use  the something like "WHERE" clause to filter my results from Users (/html/helpers/Autocomplete/Owner) to show me only the Users who can be Owner.

I haven't looked into that Mason component, so I don't have a good
answer for you. Sorry.

RT uses an ORM called SearchBuilder (SB) - BPS wrote it. Using SB is
how you will filter your query results down - like using a where
clause. SB calls it Limit.

However, Limit may or may not be what you want. It is tough to say
without looking at the code more closely, which I don't have time for
right now. :(

Best of luck!


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