[rt-users] Ticket Links missing post upgrade/conversion to Oracle 4.2.11.

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 17 15:50:18 EST 2015

On 17-11-2015 20:04, Hummer, Greg wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> I can confirm it is most likely due to an organization. The
> organization in our System Configuration prior to the
> Conversion/Upgrade matches the setting after. This was confirmed
> though googles “Inspect Element” feature.
> *On the bad links I get the following:*
> /<input type=“checkbox” class=“checkbox”
> id=“DeleteLink-fsck.com-rt://*example.com*/ticket/101611-RefersTo”
> name =
> “DeleteLink-fsck.com-rt://*example.com*/ticket/101611-RefersTo-:
> value=”1”>/
> *On recently created- good links, I get this:*
> /<input type=“checkbox” class=“checkbox”
> id=“DeleteLink-fsck.com-rt://*abc.com*/ticket/101611-RefersTo” name =
> “DeleteLink-fsck.com-rt://*abc.com/*ticket/101611-RefersTo-: value=”1”>/
> When we pulled two lines out of the Link table, we get the following:
> /15367 fsck.com-rt://*example.com*/ticket/100005
> fsck.com-rt://abc.com/ticket/99902 MergedInto 99902 99902 184988
> 4/29/2014 4:10:48 PM 184988 4/29/2014 4:10:48 PM /
> In the sage account (which has all good links) this same ID shows up
> like this:
> /15367 fsck.com-rt://*abc.com*/ticket/100005
> fsck.com-rt://abc.com/ticket/99902 MergedInto 99902 99902 184988
> 4/29/2014 4:10:48 PM 184988 4/29/2014 4:10:48 PM/
> So then we went about trying to fix it. We used RT-Validator with
> force, RT-Validator with links, and finally the MySQL below. Each
> time, with each of the previous three items, we got the following error:
> /
> ORA-00001: unique constraint (RT3EMTS.LINKS1) violated/
> Here is the MySQL we tried to use:
> UPDATE links SET BASE = REPLACE(BASE,'example.com','abc.com') WHERE
> BASE LIKE '%example.com%';
> Does anyone have any suggestions how to get around this Oracle error
> when trying to adjust the domain in the links?
Your update (replacing example.com with abc.com) creates a row in the
LINKS table which violates the LINKS1 constraint. Look at the definition
of the LINKS to to find what is being violated. This means that you
already have a row with abc.com and trying to create a second one from
an old example.com.
Questions is which one to keep, or where/why is there already a abc.com row.

I have done I think exactly the same update and didn't have any problems
BUT I didn't move from MySQL to Oracle.  I'm going to have a wild guess:
did you check the Oracle sequences after rt-importer? They should all be
@max(id)+1 before inserting new tickets/links etc.


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