[rt-users] Trouble/Error with Web deployment httpd/apache/mod_fcgid

Daniel Schwager Daniel.Schwager at dtnet.de
Mon Nov 23 12:48:45 EST 2015

> I should also add I'm not a perl expert either, but from what I understand I
> am using fastcgi am I not?  

I don't know how you connect your apache httpd to rt (-; If you use fastcgi, there's no need for mod_perl.

> This all seems a lot more complex than I was
> hoping, I greatly appreciate the suggestions and help but I don't know that
> I want use a totally separate perl installation unless absolutely
> necessary...

I think, a separate perl installation dedicated(!) for RT is the best way to install RT. Why? Because
the RT installer bypass the rpm package system installing some other perl modules. This could bother you later ...

> What made you suggest that mod_perl is the problem and how can I test that
> out?

Did you execute 
	make testdeps
in your rt installation directory? Is it clean?

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