[rt-users] RT Assets grouping behaviour

Armin Liedtke armhamer at uw.edu
Wed Nov 25 15:06:53 EST 2015


I didn't see any replies to this so I thought I would send this along.
Check out $AssetBasicCustomFieldsOnCreate

Set($AssetBasicCustomFieldsOnCreate, ['Manufacturer', 'Master ID', 'Part number', 'Serial number', 'Install date'] );

Hope that helps!


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I've been experimenting with RT Assets - specifically Asset custom field grouping<https://www.bestpractical.com/docs/assets/1.0/RT/Extension/Assets.html#Groupings>. I've encountered the following behaviour, which seems like a bug to me.

In RT_SiteConfig.pm, I'm trying to add Asset custom fields to the built in grouping 'Basics'. Extract below...

    'RT::Ticket' => [
        'Product Details' => ['Manufacturer', 'Product', 'Master ID', 'Part number', 'Part description', 'Serial Number', '', 'Date of Purchase', 'Purchased from'],
        'Basics'          => ['SLA', 'Fault Type'],
        'People'          => ['Phone number', 'Postcode'],
        'RA Details'      => ['Detail of Fault', 'Warranty Status', 'Pronto Job #', 'Vendor RA Approval #', 'Vendor RA Order #', 'Vendor shipping method', 'Incoming Vendor tracking', 'Faulty part received', 'Replacement part received', 'Replacement part sent', 'Outgoing Vendor tracking'],
        'Support Actions' => ['Return auto-reply'],

    'RT::Asset' => {
        'Basics'        => ['Manufacturer', 'Master ID', 'Part number', 'Serial number', 'Install date'],

When I go the 'Create Asset' page to create a new asset in the defined Asset Catalog, my custom fields do not appear under 'Basics'.
However, if I search 'Assets', the Custom Fields appear under the built in 'Basics' group.

The behaviour is different to that of creating a new Ticket - custom fields appear under the 'Basics' built in group for tickets, as you would expect.

Furthermore, if I use a custom grouping name instead of the built in 'Basics' (e.g. 'My Asset'), the defined group and the assigned CFs appear in the 'Create Asset' page.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour before, or should I log a bug for it?

Version info
RT v4.2.12
RT Assets v1.0.5


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