[rt-users] RT creates CLOSE_WAITS

Asanka Gunasekera asanka_gunasekera at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 28 04:07:10 EDT 2015

Hi all I have been struggling with this CLOSE_WAITS.

I have an Request Tracker installed on CEntOS 6.7 (64 bit) RT rt-4.2.12 and Apache httpd-2.2.31. I can log in and all, but after a while I am seeing CLOSE_WAIT socket are created for each selection that I make on the dashboard. Eventually the system goes unresponsive.

root at iplrt logs]# netstat -nalp | grep -i wait
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 3176/httpd 
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 3177/httpd 
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 3185/httpd 
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 3365/httpd 
[root at iplrt logs]# 

I don't see any errors in the logs! I have downgraded both RT and Apache with no luck and I am STUCK no ware to goooooo

Can some one tell me how to go about diagnosing this 

Thanks and Regards

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