[rt-users] Alternative GUIs for RT?

akos.torok at docca.hu akos.torok at docca.hu
Mon Apr 4 05:57:39 EDT 2016

Hi Gary, Vegard, Emmanuel,

We are happy that you find these things interesting. Telling the truth we
wanted to make these functions public, but don't know the proper way.

But now! We are creating one or two plugin of these functions in few weeks
(we are in middle of work, that's why it take so long), and we would upload
it somewhere to you to download.

Vegard, we would be happy if you upload that to github or so, since we are
not git masters. :)

Gary, we have stable version for 3.8., but if we have any useful version
for 4.x, I would ask for our programmers to provide those 4.x code as well,
and I would upload those if there is any.

Hi Emmanuel,
I've just sent you the password, your username is d2. If you have any
questions, just let me know!



On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 8:01 AM, Vegard Vesterheim <
vegard.vesterheim at uninett.no> wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Mar 2016 17:44:55 +0200 akos.torok at docca.hu wrote:
> > We don't know if our coding style and quality is okay for RT or not, and
> we
> > are not familiar how to share this plugins on github or so. So we use
> these
> > in house, but we could give you access to our test system, you can try
> it,
> > and if you find useful we could send you the code for 3.8 (and the 4.2 as
> > well but it is not in everyday use).
> This looks promising, with funtionality along the same lines that we
> have been contemplating. We would be very interested in having a look at
> the code, and also possibly finding a way to continue
> sharing/co-developing.this further. Please consider putting this on
> Github or a similar hosting service.
>  - Vegard V -
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