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> Hi,
> This is probably a issue with your web server configuration, you don't 
> mention what you are using.
> Researching the following may help:
> Apache2 - LimitRequestBody
> Nginx - client_max_body_size
> Best Regards
> Martin


I poked around at the MySQL database thinking we might have a limit there, but it didn't occur to me to check the web server. We are using Apache 2.4.6 (CentOS). 

It doesn’t appear we are setting LimitRequestBody and the default is supposedly unlimited. I tested setting it to MaxAttachmentSize just to see, but it didn’t change the behavior. I’ll take a look at other http settings to see if I can find anything that would be limiting the attachment size. I don’t believe we had any similar settings in our old RT 3.8.8 configs though.


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