[rt-users] Importing ticketing data into the RT SQL database

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Hi Dave

Documentation can be found here:  https://www.bestpractical.com/docs/rt/4.4/

Not sure which side you made the custom fields on?  If you mean in the old system that you are importing into RT, it shouldn’t be an issue (not from the RT side I mean).
RT has some fantastic support for custom fields.  Some of the fields from the old systems that I exported (and imported into RT) went into stock/out-of-the-box RT fields (e.g. subject, date started, etc).  Others went into custom fields I had created in RT for the import.  These can be easily created and maintained via the RT web interface.
The CLI interface supports data entry into RT custom fields, as do the REST and Command-by-mail interfaces.

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Hi Brent,

Thanks for the heads up. Does Best Practical keep any updated documentation on the RT CLI syntax somewhere as the RT versions change? I have the Essentials book and the Wikia has some useful information, but I'd like something that provides in-depth coverage. I made several custom fields, so I'm not sure how that would change the CLI inputs. This is going to be a fun expedition.


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Hi Dave

I would strongly recommend against importing ticket data directly into the RT database, I sincerely doubt you will end up with anything usable!
There are a myriad of internal references (very normalized table structure, as I’m sure you saw).

There may be better ways to do it, but when I had to  shift tickets from two different support tools into RT I wrote an importer to do it.
The importer used RT’s command line interface to push the old systems into RT, one ticket at a time.
That way, RT creates all the requisite references, objects, etc.

As to adding your own fields to the RT database, I cannot answer that, sorry!

-          Brent

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I'm about to import a large amount of ticketing data into the RT SQL database. I spotted three sections in the SQL db (objectcustomfieldvalues, attachments, tickets) to import the data to. Since I'm unfamiliar with the db backend, can I generate any of my own set of identifiers as long as they aren't duplicate of the identifiers that are already present in the SQL db?

Thanks in advance,

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