[rt-users] How to backup/dump Postgre SQL

Martin Petersson martin at uanet.se
Fri Aug 5 15:25:27 EDT 2016

Thank you all very much.

This one did the trick. su - postgres

A little dash in between :)

Skickat fr?n min ? iPhone

5 aug. 2016 kl. 21:13 skrev Landon Stewart <lstewart at internap.com<mailto:lstewart at internap.com>>:

# su postgres
$ pg_dump rtdb -> /tmp/rtdb-backup

# su postgres
$ pg_dump rtdb > /tmp/rtdb-backup

Landon Stewart
Lead Analyst - Abuse and Security Management
? lstewart at internap.com<mailto:lstewart at internap.com>
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