[rt-users] Skipping Scrip #X because it didn't Prepare

Cena, Stephen (ext. 300) SJC at qvii.com
Fri Aug 12 13:50:38 EDT 2016

I have two RT systems: one testing and one production. I have a modified notification Scrip on my test box:
Description: On Correspond Reopen Rejected/Resolved Tickets
Condition: On Correspond
Action: User Defined
Template: Blank
Custom cond:
If ($self->TicketObj->Status eq 'rejected') { return 1; }
If ($self->TicketObj->Status eq 'resolved') { return 1; }
Return 0;

Custom action commit code:
On my test system it works perfectly. Any tickets resolved or rejected get re-opened on correspond. On my production box, I get the following in ym log:

[13641] [Fri Aug 12 17:43:44 2016] [debug]: Skipping Scrip #32 because it didn't Prepare (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Scrips.pm:345)

I've tried writing my own messages to the log but it doesn't look like the scrip is firing. What is happening?

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